HERO Furniture materials


An HPL board consists of a wood fiber or paper core and two top layers. The core of the board consists of several layers of wood fiber and paper impregnated with phenolic resin. During production, these layers are compressed under high pressure and at a high temperature. The resin used is a so-called thermoset. This means that the resin hardens under the influence of heat. Due to the compression, the plate is compacted and a very dense and rock-hard plate is created. The top layers are so hard and dense that sunlight and moisture cannot penetrate the panel. We use this plate to give our furniture a high-quality look. The color and finish are standard black or white, but can be supplied in almost any version. For all colors see www.baars-bloemhoff.nl


Veneer is a thin layer of real wood. This gives you the appearance of solid wood. Wood is a natural product and each panel is unique. For large orders, we always take into account that we buy the veneer from the same batch. The veneer layer can be finished with a matte or glossy lacquer for a long-lasting use. 


Fabric is also used in our products such as sofas and privacy partitions. For commercial use, fire resistance and wear resistance are important. We therefore work with fabrics from www.deploeg.com


For some projects where acoustics are important, we recommend felt. We are dealer of www.buzzi.space BuzziSkin is made of 100% recyclable ecological PET felt. This product is supplied on rolls of 10 meters in length and is easy to apply to our sheet material thanks to the self-adhesive back.


There are various types of boards that we can process in our machine park. The panel material is chosen according to the function of the furniture. For example, we use plywood in constructive solutions. MDF is ideal for visible work products such as e.g. doors. We only use chipboard for non-visible products that are not sawn. Chipboard is a good recyclable alternative.


Metal is used in almost all of our products. We also make all-metal solutions. All our metal products are powder coated in any desired RAL color. 


Plexiglas is the ideal replacement for glass, because it offers great advantages. In the first place, Plexiglas is a lot lighter than glass. In addition, Plexiglas is a lot more impact-resistant than glass. Should plexiglass break, it does not shatter like glass, but a single break occurs.

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