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At HERO Furniture, we share the belief that corporate social responsibility (CSR) should be embedded in the genes of the organization. It is a theme that must be embraced by our employees, our customers and our suppliers. Corporate responsibility can create new opportunities for all parties through innovation, while making a valuable contribution to combating climate change and limiting its impact on our planet.

This means that what we do must be in line with our values ​​and standards as much as possible and that we act responsibly when it comes to business (Profit), people (People) and the environment (Planet).

Sheet material with FSC® or PEFC™ quality mark

It is important for timber buyers to be able to verify that the timber has been legally harvested and sustainably managed. Quality marks have been created for this.


The FSC quality mark arose from the need to promote sustainable harvesting of wood. The FSC logo guarantees that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests. The quality mark works on the basis of a general standard of ten Principles, elaborated in Criteria, Indicators and Norms. This general standard is translated into a local standard per country or region by a local workgroup. Both in the general assembly and in the local working groups it is important that the relationship between groups representing the economic, ecological and social aspects is in balance. This allows all parties to have equal say.


Another important quality mark is PEFC, Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes, formerly The Pan European Forest Certificate. The PEFC certificate is a voluntary private sector initiative. It provides assurance to forest owners' customers that the products they purchase are certified by independent parties, based on the PEFC criteria. These criteria focus on the sustainable management of forests. The purpose of the PEFC forest certificate is to promote an internationally credible framework for forest certification marks and initiatives in Europe and beyond and the mutual recognition of the marks. The PEFC Technical Document and statutes define the basic requirements for these forest certification marks.

Would you like to carry out your project in FSC and/or PEFC certified wood, ask us about the possibilities.


Applying PEFC or FSC materials can contribute to achieving the Breeam certificate

Solar power

HERO Furniture has a solar energy installation of 120 kWp. We use this to produce our entire need for green electricity and also supply it back to the grid.

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